Ideas for having an outdoor wedding ceremony with a Paris wedding planner

Not any day in your life will be as special as your wedding day. People spend months, and sometimes years, planning for what they dream will be the ideal wedding. Some brides start thinking about what that day will be like when they are little girls. Every couple wants their wedding to be special and unique from the rest. One best way to do this is by planning an outdoor wedding ceremony. Lots of couples avoid a normal indoor wedding and decide to have an outdoor wedding ceremony. At whatever location your outdoor wedding takes place, it captures an air of romance. Utilize scenery and natural landscapes as your wedding theme and background. The main attractiveness when it comes to planning an outdoor wedding is charming weather. Even if you desire to have a formal wedding indoors, deciding to have the reception outside can be a great excuse for everybody to let their hair down and celebrate once the couple has tied the knot.

Having an outdoor wedding reception comes with lots of benefits. An outdoor reception can make for a far more charming wedding, it makes decorating a lot easier and it can save you a lot of money. However, some things go along with planning an outdoor wedding or reception, you will not get this if you’ve never done it before. This article will provide you some out of the ordinary ideas to get you started. If you’re planning your wedding, keep these helpful tips from the Paris wedding planner in mind.


Choosing a perfect location for having an outdoor wedding is the most important thing. Some beautiful and popular locations allow only some types of outdoor weddings. For example, if you are selecting a location near the beach, you would maybe go for a beach style wedding. You will have to think multiple times that what type of outdoor wedding would logically fit into the environment you have to work with. Basically, There are a variety of theme-based outdoor wedding ideas and you’re only limited by your imagination – says Wedding planner Paris. If there is a historical location in your mind, this is a great chance to plan a wedding theme around. Rustic, ancient barns are just perfect for a western-style wedding ceremony if that’s your thing. An important key to have a wonderful wedding is to match your wedding idea with the location and your favoritism. If you have the free space, you can as well turn your backyard into the wedding venue of your dreams.

Keep the Weather in Mind:

If you are going to have an outdoor wedding, the bad weather can be your biggest problem. As we all want the perfect temperature and the sunshine, but no one is sure about weather conditions on the day of your wedding reception. So, it is surely important to keep the weather in mind. Having a backup plan in place is necessary because you can make sure that your big day can proceed wonderfully, even if the weather goes bad. While getting married in Paris, It would be safe to reserve a venue that offers both indoor and outdoor sites, so that you can shift your outdoor reception inside anytime if needed. On the other hand, you can think about renting tents or canopies, as a way to protect you and your guests from rain, wind, heat, or frigid temperatures.

Choose Decoration elements That suit the Environment:

Wedding decorations are measured as one of the major noticeable attractions of the day. The decoration is important because it set the temperament of the event. They emphasize the environment of the location and the ceremony and give them the look fit for the occasion. There are lots of elements of decoration that you will use for your wedding ceremony, flowers probably being the major element. While selecting the flowers for your Paris outdoor wedding, you will desire to make sure that they can suit the environment well, that they are fixed within. In any situation, you won’t wish to use worn flowers for your wedding decoration. So, it is necessary to let your florist know your plans for your outdoor wedding so that they can facilitate you with the most excellent options when it comes to flowers. Make sure with the florist that the flowers you choose throughout your arrangements won’t lose their beautiful look and color.

Choose Food wisely:

Before choosing any foodstuff ideas for your Paris wedding, think about that you are having an outdoor wedding. Be ready for all kinds of weather to come into play at your playground. In the summer season, Your drinks and wedding cakes won’t be as yummy if you forget to get extra ice for a hot summer day. Keep temperature-sensitive items away from direct sunshine, or ask the caterer to check the food after every 15 minutes and make sure to test before serving it to guests. The more comfortable and suitable choice for an outdoor wedding is classic foods. Grilled chicken and pulled pork sandwiches are great choices for barbecue cookery that are best to be crowd-pleasers.  The flexibility of the classic grilled style for your meal will assist you in adding a simple, fun, and tasty aspect to your day. Actually, You can’t go wrong with summer cookout foodstuff at your Paris outdoor wedding.

Discuss the Budget:

The budget is the most important factor in the wedding planning process. Everybody who is paying for the event should sit down and look at the whole wedding budget. Possibly, it is your first experience budgeting an event with your other half as a team. You will learn to talk frankly and directly about how a lot of money you can spend, and how much you’re thinking to spend. In this way, you can easily decide how a lot of money you can spend entirety and how much you should spend in each particular area.

Give your budget a little breathing room. Surprising expenditure will be needed, so keep in mind that your budget will develop throughout the planning procedure. Wedding planner Paris suggests dividing the whole wedding budget into different categories and figuring out what percentage to allocate to each:

  • 12% for the ceremony
  • 8% for wedding dress
  • 55% for reception
  • 10% for the wedding planner
  • 10% for photography
  • 5% for pillows and other items

These aren’t fixed numbers; that’s just the ratio Paris wedding planner used. You should set your ratios according to your preference.

The shaded Seats:

Although an outdoor wedding ceremony certainly has its own perks, Offering some ways for guests to stay safe from the harsh rays will absolutely keep guests cool and happy as you say “I do.” Think about fixing white umbrellas with guest chairs. They won’t disturb your ceremony decoration and will provide shade to guests, they’ll appreciate you on your super sunny wedding day.

Selecting a wedding dress:

A wedding dress plays a vital role in making or breaking your wedding event. Your wedding dress acts as a gesture for the day of your dreams, that big day of your life. Usually, wedding couples spend loads of money and time for getting their much-loved wedding dress for the big day, so later on looking at the wedding dress will throwback to those happy memories. The choice of Wedding dresses reveals the couple’s personality and in lots of cases, you won’t get one like it. Sometimes, Custom tailoring is applied to dresses and some couples will customize it by adding flowers and other designs to make it their own. The major mistake that lots of brides make is leaving their dress in the storeroom or cupboard for weeks, months, and even years later than the wedding. A wedding planner in Paris advises renting the dress for your big day or if you have bought one then save it for your children’s wedding.

Do it in your style:

As new and new trends are coming in the wedding planning arena but Besides these popular wedding trends make sure you do things in your style. Trends are only great for ideas and observing what people are doing, but make sure you do things as you wish. Make your own style. Whatever things are trending,  remember this is your big day, so make it your own and make it how you want it, don’t worry about what’s popular and what others are doing.

Now I’m sure that you have got the best working ideas for having an outdoor wedding ceremony with a Paris wedding planner. We always write with the only goal of spreading knowledge and information, do that couples around the world can get assistance in planning their big days. Still, if you are having some queries in mind then you can freely ask us. We will surely help you in getting things done perfectly for your wedding while considering personalized recommendations based on your exclusive budget, taste, and values to bring your vision to life. I want to know from you about what does wedding planning includes?

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