Five Simple French wedding ideas to Organize a Stress-free event

France and Love seem to be the same phrases. A reside in a lavish Parisian hotel, a wedding ceremony in a romantic candlelit winery, the bride, groom, and wedding party dressed in the supreme style of French fashion design, tasting delicious French cuisine, and wedding photos taken underneath the Eiffel Tower are presently some of the many potentials of having a French wedding. Unfortunately, it possibly will not be financially or logistically feasible to plan a wedding where the couple and the entire of their family members and close friends would have to travel from another country.  If you’ve been doing your study as a foreign couple wants getting married in France there are lots of governmental technicalities that come to pass, that most people just can’t be revealed, either because of time, hard work, or wealth involved.

The major is that one of the marrying partners has to be in France for a minimum of 40 days (constantly) earlier than the wedding. So you can’t just catch the plane and get married the subsequent day or even the next week. Making it not possible to simply elope to France. A wedding here takes planning. With the Europeans kicking off in France in a matter of days, it feels like the perfect time to compile a list of Five Simple French wedding ideas to Organize a Stress-free event. Filled with charm and grace, going after the Paris wedding theme is the most outstanding way to put in a touch of class to your big day and integrate all the elegant style that Parisians are well-known for.

  1. The Decorations:

Planners have touched on the flowery facet of your French wedding theme, but there are lots of little decorative touches you can use to beautify that ideal Paris wedding ceremony. Incorporate some of the elements that the Capital of Love is famous for, for example, Eiffel Tower table decorations and your personal choice on the idealistic love locks. Think outside the box with bicycles or put in an assured ‘je ne sais quoi’ via the French language.

  1. The Dress:

A French-style wedding dress generally means an elegant, simple, and bohemian look. Usually, these classy dresses are extended to floor-length, even though a bride seeking somewhat extra modern or a little different could attempt going for somewhat faintly shorter. Designers are well-liked at the moment with Parisian brides.

  1. The Shoes:

Your feet possibly will express thanks to for selecting a French style for your wedding day as it is fairly common for French brides to trench the heels and select for a ballet flat or strappy sandal. Put in a stroke of comfort devoid of sacrificing any style with a couple of a simple lace ballerina style shoe or Christian Louboutin flats.

  1. The Flowers:

Put in a dash of French style and make use of flowers where you be able to! A floral cap is an extremely well-liked boho adding to any brides’ appearance and the bridal bouquet, cake, and table decorations can all be utilized to put in some colors and floral notes to your big day.

  1. The Cake:

Talking of cake, why not leave tradition and integrate a little bit of patisserie magic by selecting a colorful macaron tower or stunning croquembouche as an alternative? Brilliant for distribution and as incredible looking as they are tasting, these unbelievable sweet treats are a grand way to make a declaration!

So there you have it. Follow Our five incredible French wedding tips to ensure your special day is filled with elegance and style.

Golden Rules of Organizing your French Wedding:

While getting married in France, the extensive but exhilarating journey that is organizing a French wedding ceremony generally begins with the venue, part of our Paris wedding planning job is to help out couples to discover the perfect place for their big day.

To get you into the temper, let’s begin with the excellent news. Initially, you are going to save an abundance of time not having to explore and visiting venues to locate your ideal one. You have it! And you have liberated choices of dates.

Secondly, you could be clever to officially get married in your native town or village as you possibly will meet the significant citizenship criteria of living there for 40 successive days earlier than the wedding ceremony. Ensure this with your venue. If this is significant to you, it may as well be likely to have a ceremony (though not lawful) at the local church. Ensure this with the local cleric.

Moreover, relying on the area, for how extensive you have recognized it, and how frequently you are visiting, some tasks may be facilitated: hair and makeup trials, sourcing local suppliers, wedding menu and wine tastings, and your wedding costume fittings. You could be present at a local wedding fair to get additional ideas.

Getting the belongings sorted is key. So overlook for a minute how gorgeous the place is, and gaze at it with a critical and practical eye. If you discover the exercise much challenging, hire professionals to facilitate. For example, you could hire a wedding planner from the initial stage, who would be clever to evaluate what is necessary to convert the family or friend home into an appropriate venue for a wedding ceremony and reception.

Space: Nearly all couples who want to have a French wedding think about an outdoor event: ceremony, drink reception, dinner, and even the evening party. It’s no varied for those who have a French house but is the garden sufficient large to contain contentedly the number of guests you have in mind?


What is the backup plan if the weather is not as fine as anticipated? Can you supervise the entire of the events of the day to take place within? To guess the required space, here some guidelines: allocate about 0.70 m2 per guest or a cocktail reception, extra if you plan to have buffet tables or food stations about 1.8 m2 per guest for a seated dinner and 0.3 m2 for the dance floor with extra space for the DJ to set up or a live band to play.

Comfort: Attending guest’s major requirements is essential. We have already covered the emergency plan for French wedding venues in case of terrible weather; the additional must-have is toilet services. Can they make use of the indoor loos? Are there sufficient of them for the number of visitors? If the answer is yes, then you require to check the rank of the sceptic tank. It could sound unimportant but this will put off any tragedy on the day, particularly if the house is situated in the countryside. If such opinions do not appeal to you or if indoor loos are not an alternative, you will require to hire transportable bathrooms. They don’t have to be the terrible plastic cubicles and ruin your gorgeous settings; there are added satisfying choices nowadays.

A confidential property, particularly in the countryside, is typically not as well signed as a venue and your visitors and suppliers (catering staff, delivery men, etc.) possibly will require additional assistance to locate your place. A GPS position is frequently extra trustworthy than an address. Follow the pointed way to check it is accurate and realistic; emphasize any hesitant spot with balloons or signatures.


Q: How to have a French wedding ceremony?

To get married in the eyes of the French government, you can’t just get married in a church or private ceremony. You have to get married at the city hall of the town or district in which you live. There is no fast and hard law as to when couples do the city hall portion of their wedding ceremony. It’s almost for all time earlier than the church or ceremony part, but sometimes it’s a year before, a month earlier than or just hours before. If the same day, there will be a break and lunch earlier than after that part of the wedding ceremony.

Q: Where to plan a wedding in France?

France offers wonderful beaches, landscapes, castles, lavender fields, historical shrines, and lots more. All types of couples with diverse interests may find an appropriate place to get married in this gorgeous country. A destination wedding in France is an idealistic option for lots of couples who take off with their wedding guests from all around the world to get married. France is the most-visited country in the world for added than last twenty years. Fine, if you have not decided on where to get married yet, amazing wedding planners from France recommend the five best regions in France to say “I do”.  Paris (Dream Paris wedding is the best option), Bordeaux and Southwestern Region of France, Loire Valley, Lyon, and the Beaujolais Area and Provence and Southern Region of France.

If you are planning to get married in France and facing issues, you can freely contact us for assistance anytime.

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