A Love Story Unveiled: Love and Acarous’ Exquisite Shangri-La Wedding in Paris

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Venue: Shangri-La Paris | Paris Wedding Planning & Design: Dream Paris Wedding | Photographer: Olivier Neuville Photography


  1. A Love Story Unveiled: Love and Acarous’ Exquisite Shangri-La Wedding in Paris


Love Weah, the niece of the renowned soccer player and Liberian president George Weah, embarked on a journey of love with Acarous, culminating in a breathtaking wedding at the heart of Paris, the Shangri-La Hotel. Imagined by Audrey at Dream Paris Wedding, their ceremony decor became a pinnacle of luxury, gaining recognition across the luxury event industry and earning a coveted spot on the prestigious Wed Vibes Instagram page, celebrated for its showcase of opulent wedding decors globally.



  1. Opulence Redefined: Shangri-La Ceremony Extravaganza


The wedding ceremony, a creation of Audrey’s visionary design at Dream Paris Wedding, became a hallmark of opulence. A white affair adorned with opulent white flowers and crystal chandeliers transformed the Shangri-La into a haven of luxury. The ambiance was elevated by the melodic strains of a violinist, creating an ethereal atmosphere that set the stage for Love and Acarous’ union.


  1. Iconic Elegance: Staircase Moments at Shangri-La Hotel Paris


Post-ceremony, Love and Acarous captured timeless moments on the iconic staircase of Shangri-La Hotel Paris. The grandeur of this historical venue provided a backdrop of iconic elegance for their love story, beautifully immortalized through the lens.


  1. Reception Grandeur: Long Table Extravaganza at Shangri-La


The reception room, a revelation of Audrey’s artistry, featured a long rectangular table adorned with matching centerpieces on gold stands, complemented by opulent hanging orchids. The dance floor, wrapped in white with the couple’s initials, set the stage for a magical evening. A grand room reveal marked the transition from the staircase to the reception, creating an enchanting journey for Love and Acarous.



  1. Cultural Fusion: A Dance of Love and Tradition

Love and Acarous celebrated a fusion of cultures throughout the night. Dances and outfit changes seamlessly blended their heritages, creating a tapestry of vibrant traditions. A ballet performance opened the reception, adding an extra layer of enchantment before the couple’s first dance.


  1. Sweet Endings: Cake Cutting and Joyous Dance

The night culminated in joyous moments as Love and Acarous cut their wedding cake, surrounded by the warmth of friends and family. The dance floor continued to pulsate with energy, symbolizing the start of a new chapter in their lives.

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