Dos and Don’ts of Eloping in Paris: Must-Read Guide for 2023 couples

Eloping in Paris

Paris elopement has become an increasingly popular option for couples looking for a more intimate and less stressful way to get married. Elopements can take many forms, from a spontaneous trip to the courthouse to a planned event with a small group of family and friends. Paris, the city of love, has always been a popular destination for getting married. And if you’re looking to have a romantic, intimate ceremony without all the expense and fuss of a big wedding, eloping in Paris will be the perfect solution.

It’s imperative to research the legal requirements for getting married in your country or state. You may need to get a marriage license or fulfill other requirements in some places before you can legally tie the knot. Validate research the necessary steps well in advance to avoid any last-minute surprises. In this Must-Read Guide for 2023 couples from Dream Paris Wedding, we share Dos and Don’ts to consider for Eloping in Paris.

Dos and Don’ts of Eloping in Paris:

Eloping in Paris can be an amazingly romantic and memorable experience. From the fascinating culture to the picturesque scenery, there’s no lack of reasons why many couples decide to elope in the City of Love. Though, as with any major decision, there are certain dos and don’ts you should remember to certify that your elopement in Paris is as enchanted as you’ve continuously dreamed of.

Do’s of Eloping in Paris:

  • Do make it legal:

Suppose you wish to make your Paris elopement legal. In that case, you require getting married in a civil ceremony at the Mairie of the arrondissement, where you or your partner have been an occupant for a minimum of 40 days earlier than the ceremony. If you wish to avoid experiencing the legal procedure, you can continuously opt for a representative ceremony.

  • Do hire a photographer:

Paris is filled with fabulous backdrops perfect for capturing those special moments. Hire a specialized photographer who concentrates on elopements to ensure your memories are captured in an attractive and exceptional approach.

  • Do plan ahead:

Paris is prevalent destination to get married, so it’s imperative to reserve your vendors, venue, and additional details fine beforehand. This will support you in avoiding any eleventh-hour surprises and ensure that everything goes efficiently on day of your elopement.

  • Do make time for romance:

While planning the logistics of your Paris elopement is imperative, make sure to make time for romance. Take relaxed stroll along the Seine, enjoy picnic in the park, or soak up city’s atmosphere with your spouse.

  • Do select the right season:

Paris is gorgeous year-round, but some seasons might be ideal than others, depending on your preferences. Spring and fall are typically less crowded, with mild weather and fewer tourists. Summer can be hot and crowded, while winter can be cold but magical with the holiday decorations and lights.

Don’ts of Eloping in Paris:

  • Don’t overlook the language barrier:

While many Parisians speak English, it’s always a decent idea to learn some key phrases in French to support you in navigating the city and connecting with locals.

  • Don’t ignore your budget:

Elopement in Paris can be less costly than a traditional wedding ceremony, but it can still add up speedily. Be sure to set a budget and twig to it, considering the expenses of accommodations, travel, vendors, and additional expenditures.

  • Don’t overlook details:

While choosing to elope in Paris is entirely about uncomplicatedness, paying proper attention to the particulars is still imperative. This means selecting the proper venue, hiring the precise vendors, and taking care of all the little things that will make your elopement superior.

  • Don’t disregard your loved ones:

While eloping is a private event, it’s important to remember the people in your life who love and support you. Think about sharing your elopement with your loved ones through a photo, video, or a post-wedding festivity.

  • Don’t rush through the experience:

Eloping in Paris is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so don’t rush through it. Take the time to savor every moment, from the first kiss to the last dance. This is your special day, so make the most of it.

Eloping in Paris can be a magical and romantic experience. By keeping these dos and don’ts in mind, you can make sure that your elopement is the whole lot you’ve ever dreamed of and more. So, go ahead and leap – you won’t be guilty. To have an excellent elopement in Paris, you must get professional elopement planning services from a reputable company. For more info or professional services for eloping in Paris , contact us and explore our blog for informative posts.

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating unforgettable elopement experiences, Dream Paris Wedding ensures that every aspect of the couple’s special day is carefully planned and executed. Their goal is to create a romantic and intimate elopement experience that the couple will cherish for a lifetime.

Wedding elopement in Paris: 10 Dos & Don’ts You Need to Read

The Modern Definition of Elopement:

As there are various misunderstandings about elopements, you should get to know the real meaning of Wedding elopement in Paris. In Past, people used to consider that elopement is a disgraceful act and that couples who have private wedding reception are not satisfied with themselves. Some supposed that the families had objected to getting married, and that is the reason the couple chooses to escape. Some even accept as true that elopements are not actual wedding ceremonies as they had misunderstandings, which then turn out to be their truth. Individuals should recognize that old elopement was valid throughout old times. Though times have transformed, and trends have changed a lot. The old definition of elopement is now out-of-date.

In the modern era, elopement is measured as a deliberate, intimate, and non-traditional approach to getting married. Nowadays, elopements come to various extents. While some small weddings will only include two people as the officiant and necessary witnesses, others will comprise very much more. A few couples will invite their close friends and family members to join them while others will decide to have a very private get-together. Contrasting traditional weddings which mainly focused on the guest experience, and the whole lot was planned to ensure that guests enjoyed themselves, elopement concentrates on just celebrating the couple.

Elopement vs Micro Wedding:

A micro wedding ceremony is basically a traditional wedding but on a smaller scale. Entire of the major components are there, and your list of invited guests is smaller. The major difference between a Wedding elopement in Paris vs a micro wedding ceremony is that with an elopement, the list of guests is no longer the consideration. While you possibly will have a close friend, a family member, or even a professional photographer at your elopement to serve as your witness. An elopement wedding traditionally includes only the couple and some important wedding vendors.

We don’t mean you can’t include wonderful traditional wedding elements in your elopement. In 2022, elopements are turning out to be even more prevalent while losing none of those all-imperative particulars. From wonderful elopement destinations to drinks and tiny cakes to the decoration involved in the ceremony, you can integrate together traditional and non-traditional wedding essentials into your elopement arrangement.

Legal Items to Remember for Wedding elopement in Paris:

  • Get your wedding license. It’s vital to get your wedding license within the stated time period for your wedding location.
  • Identify whether you require a witness. Laws for marriage diverge by country and by state so do your study to regulate whether you require a witness or two earlier than you jet off to walk down the aisle.
  • Make sure your officiant is officially approved to execute the Wedding elopement in Paris. By rule, officiants should be approved to accomplish wedding ceremonies.
  • Gather the entire additional legal documents you possibly will require. Reliant on your destination, you possibly will require legal documents for example affidavits, blood tests, birth certificates, visas, etc.

Important Checklist for Wedding elopement in Paris:

  • Choose where you want to elope in Paris.
  • Get an uneven idea of at which season you want to elope.
  • Choose a photographer in the area or one that will travel will you, hire them.
  • Choose dates, reserve flights & get related visas.
  • If you’re bringing any guests, invite them early.
  • Order the dress for the big day.
  • Book accommodation and essential vendors.
  • Plan the timeline for the whole elopement day full of activities that you love.
  • Purchase rings
  • Get accessories and footwear suitable for weather conditions
  • Plan superior activities in the country you’re visiting.
  • Buy important travel objects to make the journey more pleasing.
  • Make your vows ready.
  • Plan all doings of your ceremony
  • Rent a great car

10 Dos & Don’ts for Wedding elopement in Paris:

If planning a Wedding elopement in Paris is causing you those stress sweats you were attempting to avoid, Paris elopement planners are here to support you. Below, you’ll find 10 Dos & Don’ts You Need to Read before elopement planning. We tapped elopement and wedding planners at Dream Paris wedding to get their vision about the dos and don’ts of elopement in Paris.


  • Do have a Reveal Plan:

Whether it’s earlier than or afterward your BIG day, telling your family members and your closest friends will save feelings from getting hurt. Ensure that you’ve prearranged what you’re heading to say and make sure you’re together in agreement. You don’t need to explain yourselves but think about their sentiments when they find out that they are going to miss out on seeing you on such an imperative day

  • Inviting a Few guests:

Think about inviting your parents and/or best friends to join you on your destination elopement. At the present time, an elopement habitually comprises getting a small group of your beloved ones with you. Why not share your big day of a lifetime with those that mean the most to you!

  • Sort out the legal matters:

Ensure that you’ve covered the entire legal aspects of getting your Wedding elopement in Paris lawfully approved in your home country. Make sure that you have all the obligatory documentation that you need to take with you. Not entire of overseas weddings are routinely approved in our home countries, so make sure that you check the possibilities and validities well beforehand.

  • Hire a Professional Photographer:

As you’re going to save sufficient money by choosing to elope in Paris, do make sure that your budget comprises a specialized photographer (and/or videographer), so that not just you, but all of your beloved ones, get to experience the factual feeling of your BIG day.

  • Hire a Paris Elopement Planner:

It is always important to hire a professional planner, even if it’s only the two of you as a couple or a selected group of close friends and family members. Having Paris elopement planner at destination is important for smooth-running events of ceremony and to your satisfaction. Accordingly, And with help of their expertise and local knowledge, you’ll save money and time, and have no stress.


  • Don’t downplay your wedding:

Don’t even slightly feel that you should downplay your wedding ceremony, simply for the reason that you’ve made the decision for Wedding elopement in Paris. Get happy! With some guests (or none at all), you’ll need room in your budget to offer yourselves an actually unforgettable day. Fun ideas include reserving fabulous villa with in-house staff, special yacht to sail you away, or world tour flight tickets! Indulge yourselves; finally, it’s your special day!

  • Don’t Feel Embarrassed:

There can be loads of guilt connected with making a decision to elope in Paris, as your friends and relatives will be dissatisfied that they won’t be enjoying your BIG day with you. Admit that not everybody is going to be contented with your choice, but attempt not to take it to heart. When they’ve got used to idea, do keep them rationalized on your plans/progress so that they feel involved in process. Why not arrange a live video conference for your ceremony? Even if it’s someone with notebook/phone, or expert videographer, trust me, your loved ones back at home will love it.

  • Don’t Disremember the After Party:

Just for the reason that you’ve kept your event small, doesn’t indicate you don’t need to rejoice! Send out a wedding declaration with the particulars of your big day and the invitations if you’re planning a dinner/lunch party after getting back home so that everybody has somewhat to look ahead to.

  • Don’t share on social media:

If you are attempting full-on Wedding elopement in Paris or you’ve just invited some, don’t publicize it on social media. Even if you’ve previously told your family members, there will still be other people like your closest friends who might get hurt that you have not invited them. So let your besties know beforehand and save the Facebook announcement for your associates.

  • Don’t Leave Consultation with your important Vendors till Your Big Day:

Meeting your celebrant, photographer, stylist, and Paris elopement planner before your big day is an upright way to build a strong connection and to ensure that they get a sense of you and what you want from them at the event. So, give yourselves enough time to arrive and settle into your location. Make sure to get your hair trials, attend meetings, etc. and all vendors are booked before you arrive.

No matter what kind of wedding you have decided to have, you’d be privileged if you achieved to please everybody. On the condition that you and your partner are completely committed to having an elopement at your dream destination, the rest will soon get into formation! If planning a Wedding elopement in Paris is causing you those stress sweats you were attempting to avoid, Paris elopement planners are here to support you. Hire Dream Paris wedding planners to plan elopement for you in 2022.