Luxury wedding decor Paris Ideas That are Trending in 2022 Weddings

Your wedding day is one of the prime special events in your life. So, to make such a remarkable occasion memorable, it makes logical to go above and beyond with your luxury wedding decor Paris. Meanwhile beginning a new episode in your life as a married couple is a giant milestone, you’ll wish your wedding appeal to match the festivity and carry the amount of love you have for your spouse. Nowadays, weddings are entire regarding presenting your style. There are many ways to do that—non-traditional costumes, out-of-the-box venues, tailored vows, —but what makes the major impact is the décor. Paris wedding deco unites your energy jointly as a couple in an appropriate way – says event designer Paris. It’s an appearance of your love and pictorial proof that you’re at a celebration. It interconnects the pleasure of being together.

Starting The Wedding Decorations Plan:

When the lovely couple has chosen the date and found the venue for wedding ceremony and reception, it’s the best time for you to support them start wedding planning procedure, and have some fun with the wedding décor. Whether your ceremony and reception are in a backyard, a barn, a church hall, a hotel banquet room, or a garden park, the decorations will make the event exclusively your own. The wedding venue plays an imperative role in the wedding decorations for lots of reasons. The size of the venue will regulate the extent of the decorations, as they require to be balanced to the available space. The venue style should correspondingly match the Luxury wedding decor Paris style. Conflicting color designs and/or styles take away the beauty of the day.

Your venue possibly will moreover have limitations that will affect decoration choices. Some venues do not permit open flames, hanging things on ceilings or walls, wobbly flower petals, moving furniture of venue, etc. You’ll require getting a list of any limitations before, so you can make arrangements therefore and keep the couple from having any expensive shocks later. When couple is all set to begin choosing Paris wedding decor, you must support them to consider the bigger picture and regulate general wedding theme/style that suits their aesthetic preferences and personalities. Paris wedding themes can be reliant on colors, seasons, styles (modern, rustic, romantic, vintage, etc.), or sites (garden, seaside, etc.).

For extra bold couples, a concept wedding theme can make a wonderful day. Just be cautious: The day should be elegant, not haywire. And it undeniably needs to be faithful to the couple. To get the wisdom on the types of themes that can be utilized to decorate a wedding venue, explore this guide from event designer Paris.

Luxury wedding decor Paris Ideas:

No wedding ceremony feels complete without wedding decorations. No matter how simple they may be, your decorations can convert a superior event into the enchanted, once-in-a-lifetime celebration that you’ve continuously fantasized about. Now, wedding ceremony decorations don’t come easy, they entail loads of deliberate preparation and thought. So, earlier than going out there and scouting your wedding decorations, get some basic decor knowledge.

Luxury wedding decor Paris

An effective luxury wedding ceremony can make the visitors excited mostly due to its exclusive decorations. The decoration is the initial thing that guests look at; consequently, wedding decorations require to be planned carefully. Let’s explore new Luxury wedding decor Paris ideas from Dream Paris wedding:

  • Arrange Luxury wedding decor Paris Grounded on Locations:

For the reason that the reception will be where your guests will be outlaying the mainstream of their time, it appears apparent that it will consume the mainstream of your Paris wedding decor expenses. You’ll want to dedicate the mainstream of your possessions to tabletop decor or some centerpiece fitting that will appear great in photographs.  While the ceremony is the most important aspect of the wedding ceremony, your visitors will only spend a portion of their time there-so don’t waste your money here. Just ensure that the aisle and the altar have sufficient decorations.

  • Add A Wedding Background:

To design a wedding background, there is an overabundance of creative choices. You can get lots of things and various wedding background ideas, for example, DIY or rustic wedding backgrounds, photo booth environments, or even modified backdrops. On the other hand, you can get one ready-made. These wedding backgrounds will make it relaxed for you to make a single photo booth experience at your wedding ceremony! It is possibly the simplest and most cost-effective way of making sure that your visitors are having fun at your wedding ceremony.  Select one that goes together with your theme and let your visitors snap their excellent Instagram posts that they can post for their followers.

  • Experiment on The Long Banquet Tables:

One of the greatest imperative facets of your wedding ceremony is the dinner tables; your visitors will spend their time dancing on the dance floor or sitting at the tables. Brides are progressively favoring extra-extensive banquet tables. They’re not simply attention-grabbing and luxurious, but they’re correspondingly extremely entertaining and valuable. Although setting up extended banquet tables takes a slight extra effort and time, the outcomes will value.

  • Find Your Inspiration:

The poorest thing you can do while planning a wedding ceremony is to generate a disorganized and unconceivable theme. Having Paris wedding themes in concentration at the start of the planning process is extremely imperative, so ensure that you distinguish what you want earlier than purchasing anything. Hold your uniqueness and don’t hesitate. To make a theatrical statement on your big day, you possibly will arise with some innovative ideas. While having that Pinterest-worthy wedding ceremony, it will be too common that individuals might overlook it. Be courageous, be unique, and express your individuality!

  • Have Fun with A Color Palette:

Contrasted with the traditional one or two colors in a wedding ceremony, consider using a color palette as Luxury wedding decor Paris. You can add depth and prosperity to your wedding’s general look by using diverse colors that go well composed. Here’s an undisclosed hack. Look over your closet and check which colors are most dominant. These are the colors that you feel contented in or are excessive with your skin tone. As a bride, you’ll turn out to be the center of consideration, bounded by colors that highlight your beauty – says event designer Paris. With a color palette, your attendants can correspondingly select dissimilar colors for their wedding dresses and they will still look great in the photographs!

  • Hanging Decoration items For an Intimate Feel:

If you want a venue that is Instagram-able from any viewpoint, then you require paying attention to your roof. Rather than living it bare, enhance some hanging decorations that can enhance the general aesthetics of your wedding reception. It is an extremely exclusive Luxury wedding decor Paris idea that will generate a friendly atmosphere at your event if you can lower the lighting fittings. A moody and modern feel can be accomplished by lowering chandeliers and light fixtures to hang above the tables.

Luxury wedding decor Paris

Luxury wedding decor Paris

If you can’t manage to lower the lighting, think about hanging fairy lights directly above tables. It generates a similar vibe while correspondingly adding a trace of that enchanted sensation. To make the space your personal, think about hanging flowers from the ceiling. This will not only enhance the space but moreover offer it a particular touch.

  • Minimalistic Centrepieces Are Trending:

Fewer is additional is the latest Luxury wedding decor Paris trends. While table centerpieces are an important part of your festivity, giant towering ones are overwhelming. Tables are social get-together places, so visitors possibly will be put off by centerpieces that are somewhat excessively. Wedding table decorations don’t need to be excessive to make an influence. Table centerpieces can be minimalistic, for example, a small flower vase or some candles here and there, and still, be delightful as long as it goes with your Paris wedding themes.

If you’re on a limited budget, look for replacements for flowers. Glass vases centerpieces full of water and a single flower floating on top make spectacular centerpieces. Ambient and Romance vibes can be added to the room by just lighting some candles.

  • Pay Attention to The Lighting:

When it comes to planning a wedding, even little belongings can have a major impact. You don’t have to pay for a giant chocolate fountain. A lighting wedding venue can make or break the event. The temperament can be transformed by just including lively color. Think about utilizing an amber-hued, warm room spray throughout dinner time. Everybody and their skin tones look fantastic because of this color. To form a party atmosphere throughout the nighttime, utilize cheerful and energetic colors to create a dynamic and enjoyable Luxury wedding decor Paris.


After the day, design your wedding ceremony reliant on what will make you and your visitors contented. It doesn’t matter how much cash you devote to profligate flowers or epicurean food; what matters a lot is that your visitors are comfortable and happy at the event. So, feel free to bend your creative muscles and turn your wedding dream into reality. Hope you have got enough ideas about 2022 Luxury wedding decor Paris. Keep following for more informative posts.

Follow these 2022 Paris wedding decor Ideas for Your Wedding Anywhere

Frequently at the beginning of the wedding planning procedure, a couple will choose a date and a venue for their wedding but they similarly must settle on a Paris wedding decor. Choosing a decoration advance in the planning procedure supports crafting and shaping the appearance and sensation of the whole day counting color themes, table, and decor ideas accompanied by clothing and dresses. There are no tough and fast guidelines so actually, a bride does not need to twig to any one theme. A couple can syndicate wedding themes or generate something new all composed that makes the day sole to them.

Recite through some excellent ideas of Paris wedding theme decorations and how to resolve if they’re perfect for you, or, for rapid steering, you can utilize our list of Dream Paris wedding decor ideas below.

Paris Wedding Decor

2022 Paris wedding decor Ideas:

While thinking about Paris wedding decor Ideas, you may discover concepts that go beyond sculptures of the Eiffel Tower. Fortunately, unique ways to integrate the Parisian customs into your wedding decor will boost your inspired procedure. Explore and Steal These 2022 Paris wedding deco Ideas for Your Wedding Anywhere.

Antique Lanterns:

For aisle decor, centerpieces, or dangling light sources, European-designed traditional lanterns are a sophisticated way to accomplish a fairy-tale wedding deco that generates a Paris setting. Playing on Paris’ familiar name, the City of Lights, you can include attractive candles within these antique lanterns for an idealistic atmosphere throughout your wedding reception.

Cherry Blossom Table Décor:

Throughout the spring, Paris is flourishing with a collection of Cherry Blossom trees, particularly near the Eiffel Tower. Why not comprise these refreshing splendors in your Paris wedding theme decorations? You can choose to just display the cerisiers, as the French people call them, straight on the welcome tables or design a unique centerpiece with a traditional aviary to compete in the garden exhibition of Paris.

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Eiffel Tower Pastry Platter:

The most familiar landmark in the entire Paris is, obviously, the sky-touching Eiffel Tower. With altogether of cake designs and the decorative sculptures of this outstanding structure, you might find yourself doubting if there are any inventive ways to use the Eiffel Tower in your Paris-themed wedding ceremony. Think about making a pastry platter utilizing the separating levels of the Eiffel Tower as simple wedding decorations in your wedding ceremony reception. This exclusive idea is not only applied to your pastry table format, but it correspondingly offers a lovely way to remind the guests of the general theme.

French Macaroons:

While we are discussing the topic of sweets, be certain to include these lovely treats in your Paris wedding decor. Correspondingly known as macarons, these small colorful concoctions were familiarized to France by Italy and turned out to be a prevalent choice in Paris. There is even a macaroon saloon on the 2nd level of the Eiffel Tower for residents and tourists to enjoy similarly. With these small Paris wedding theme decoration choices, you will be certain to intrigue your visitors as they make their approach the reception cake table.

Love Lock Favors:

One most important tradition in Paris is for to-be-married couples to carve their names on deadbolts to incessantly be locked onto the bridge of Pont des Arts as a means of displaying their pledge to their relationship. For your Paris-inspired wedding ceremony, you utilize these love locks as a means to keep trail of the wedding guests’ influx along with forming charming Parisian-themed wedding favors. You can give off a key to each guest’s love lock that will be situated at the entry to the venue. Once the guest reaches the venue, they can find their name to unlock and keep it as a keepsake from this superior day. Not only will the love locks aid as a fitting option for your Paris wedding theme, but your visitors will continually have a memento of the pleased event.

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Pincushion Ring Holder:

Add a slight French elegance to your wedding reception with a royal-designed ring holder. In the previous time, pincushions were only utilized for sewing and looked like a tomato. Though, this exclusive twist makes a perfect show for your wedding rings at the stand of your formal venue. With complex, whirled designs lengthwise from the edges of the pincushion to the additional diamond embellishments, your Paris-themed ring holder will make the faultless optimal for your tailored wedding ceremony.

Paris Style Photo Area:

Everyone loves a decent photoshoot at their wedding ceremony. For your wedding photographs, plan a Parisian wedding style outline to make for an appropriate bridal photoshoot that finely matches your general Paris wedding decor. To accomplish this fashion, place a tall-vertical love couch facing a white drape enclosed by elegant home furniture, for example, traditional dresser drawers and crystal lamps. For additional decor, you can comprise a small Eiffel Tower sculpture on the furniture and small, French-intended baggage to place by the couch. To top it all off, place an arrangement of roses and additional flowers to make a bridal scene. When it is all pulled jointly, you will have an attractive site for your Parisian wedding photography.

Post Card Invitation:

Invitations offer a first impression of your wedding theme to your guests. With antique Paris theme wedding postcard invites, your visitors will effortlessly recognize the style your wedding ceremony is going for. To generate a traditional-designed postcard contextually, use stonewashed French words on an unbiassed background for your invitations. Subsequently, all you will require is a familiar landmark, for example, the Eiffel Tower, and attention-grabbing flowers to make the color pop. Last, but not least, imprint a postal stamp to set off the sensation of an antique postal card style.

Royal Blue Wedding Cake:

Blue is the color of dignity in France, Feel like royals throughout your wedding ceremony with this royal blue cake design. With a trace of gold shades, your sophisticated cake will fit the fancy Paris wedding decor for your big day. For a pop of color, think about additional blush pink floras to pull collected the royal style of this Paris-themed cake style.

White Ostrich Feathered Centerpiece:

You might identify simple wedding decorations of white ostrich feathers from any 1920s or Gatsby-themed marriage. Though, this decor trend was implemented from the 1860s French style of attaching white ostrich feathers on hats and garments to create a sophisticated atmosphere. What if you formed that same sophisticated appearance in your Paris theme wedding ceremony? By putting big white ostrich feathers in ornamental vases, you can make an elegant centerpiece for your reception dinner/lunch tables. With these decoration pieces, you will be certain to amaze your guests as they arrive at your Parisian wedding reception.

Wedding Sign Décor:

Paris is well-known for its usage of bicycling. Comprise this traditional feature in your Parisian-styled wedding ceremony by presenting a bike and basket that goes fine with all wedding ceremony venues. Ahead of a wooden entrance, you can position several flower baskets together with your traditional bike to generate an uplifting scene for your wedding sign decoration.

Wedding decor Paris


Do I Need a Theme for Paris wedding decor?

A Paris theme wedding offers you a topic, to begin with; similarly, it supports you to decide on colors and Paris wedding decor. You require theme to keep appearance even, or you risk turning your festivity into disorder of diverse colors and decor. Similarly, if you’re thinking about some decor ideas or attempting to DIY, you continuously can inquire yourself: “is it somewhat that fits with my wedding theme?” It can be an upright filter when you don’t distinguish what to select.

What is a Paris theme wedding?

The Paris theme wedding ceremony is an equilibrium of decorative, deluxe details and modest, minimalist beauty. This wedding elegance skews official, particularly for the reason that we’d endorse getting married at a famous estate, garden, or added chateau-encouraged location if you wish to hold the French theme. It might sense superficial, but this is not the theme to select if you don’t wish to put exertion into the optics of your event—having faultless decor and fashion is particularly vital for a Paris-themed wedding ceremony. You’ll correspondingly want to do as the Parisians do and prioritize gourmet drinks and food.

To organize a Paris-themed wedding, the Paris wedding decor should be a mixture of an idealistic garden wedding theme with a trace of attraction and understated Resurgence influences (like brocade prints, chandeliers, and gold-plated mirrors).

Final Thoughts:

Decorating the perfect Paris theme wedding can be fairly stimulating with altogether of the time and research that should be put into it to make a marvelous display. Appreciatively, these simple wedding decorations ideas can support in reducing those complications by supporting you in searching for the perfect Paris wedding decor for your ceremony and reception.

Contact Dream Paris wedding planners for any kind of support you need for your wedding planning. We have active contact with all of vendors required in organizing the logistics a big day.