How to Plan 2023 wedding in Paris in the Best Possible Way?

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You’ve got engaged with love of your life! Congratulations! Now the actual work begins. If you’re considering meeting your beloved at the church or venue to exchange vows at some point in 2023, you’re in luck — wedding ceremonies are back in a great way. Here’s how you can make the utter most of your wedding day. Planning a wedding in Paris can seem daunting task, but breaking it down into a controllable wedding timeline is essential to ensuring a smooth and picture-perfect wedding day. In this guide, we will walk you through everything you require knowing from beginning to end. We’ll respond all of your common questions and offer a wedding planning timeline to support you keeping on track while getting married in Paris. Let’s get started!

How long does it take to plan a wedding?

The normal wedding in Paris takes about one year to plan. Though, if you have short time, you can certainly do it in less than one year with some modifications to wedding planning timeline. Just be certain to begin planning process as soon as possible. Providing yourself sufficient time to plan will support you in avoiding stress, reserve the venue and vendors you are wishing for, and let you to take your time in making choices.

Where do I start?

The most excellent belonging to begin is to figure out your budget and what kind of wedding in France you want. Do you wish to have a destination wedding Paris with all the bells and whistles or a friendly gathering of close friends and family members? Do you wish your wedding ceremony to be near your home, or are you dreaming of a destination wedding Paris? After that, you will require deciding on a wedding date. You will need to discuss with your close family and friends to organize a day when you recognize they can all be there to rejoice with you.

When you have a universal idea of what you need and when, it’s perfect time to hire a wedding planner to keep track of the whole lot. Staying systematized is essential, particularly as you research and make comparison among many diverse professionals and vendors.

When should I book my wedding venue?

While getting married in Paris, when it comes to booking your venue, keep in mind that the sooner is always the better! Venues for wedding in Paris have a tendency to reserve up rapidly, particularly throughout ultimate wedding season (late spring over early fall).  Lots of wedding venues are reserved one year or more beforehand, so it’s vital to begin planning process as soon as likely. If you have your heart set on an exact venue, be certain to contact them fine beforehand to understand if they’re accessible on your anticipated date.

What vendors do I need to choose?

Maximum of weddings in Paris comprise several professionals and vendors that concentrate in different services. Correspondingly, remember that if you select a comprehensive venue, lots of vendors will previously be comprised in your package and will not need to be hired out—freeing up some space in your budget and time. You’ll need to have your guest list settled by this point, so you know unevenly how many guests you are planning to invite. Here’s a list of probable vendors you’ll want to choose and research, beginning about 8 months earlier than your big day:

  • cake artist
  • caterer
  • DJ or band
  • florist
  • favors vendor
  • hair and makeup professionals
  • hotel/accommodations for guests
  • officiant
  • photographer
  • printer for invitations/programs
  • transportation
  • videographer

What do I need to do in the month before the wedding?

One month earlier than your wedding in Paris is disaster time! There are some serious tasks you’ll still have on your wedding timeline, for example:

  • confirming clothing adjustments
  • creating a seating plan
  • getting your marriage license
  • Providing a final headcount to your caterer and venue
  • Repeating your vows

How to Plan 2023 wedding in Paris in the Best Possible Way?

Wedding ceremonies are imperative part of a couple’s celebration of affection and marriage. Particularly for women, wedding ceremonies are singular and maximum women want it to be picture-perfect. If you are one of those who want your wedding in France to be smoothly running and worry-free event, here are some wedding planning tips that you surely will find beneficial in your preparations.

  • Directions for your wedding in Paris and reception venue:

Occasionally you would contemplate that an address in the invitation is sufficient for your visitors. Family members, close friends and guests possibly will not be acquainted with the wedding venue, so it is at all times sensible to offer directions or sketch, which you can encircle in your invite. This is particularly supportive if the venue is fairly tough to find. Obviously, you don’t need your guests getting lost on the way to your wedding in France.

  • Hiring a professional wedding planner:

You possibly will be planning to cut expenses on your wedding in Paris and choose not to hire a professional to assist you with the planning process. Affirmative, you can request a close friend or a family member to perform as your planner but with all the tension of arrangements for weddings in Paris, you simply can’t suppose her to shoulder the whole lot for you. This possibly will even put a stress on your relation if somewhat will result in not meeting your hopes. To evade this, getting a professional to take proper care of the premium particulars of your preparation is one of the imperative wedding planning tips you should consider for getting married in Paris.

  • Having somebody to look after the slightest particulars of your wedding reception:

Weddings in Paris are frequently big celebrations but a lot of its arrangements tangled tiny particulars – like checking if the giveaways are previously there, the compere of the wedding reception, who takes care of the composition, ensuring the rings are complete and every slight belonging that desires to be taken cared of. Obviously, it is your big day and you will not be clever to take care of all these throughout the big day. You can ask your close friend or a family member to perform as advisor on slight particulars that require to be obvious upon in addition.

  • Preparing the wedding speeches:

Certainly, one of the frequently wasted preparations in a wedding in Paris is checking on the wedding vows. It would be slightly informal if the people you select to speak throughout your reception are logically great speakers but if they are not, you can correspondingly support them in preparing their wedding speeches. Certainly, wedding speeches are one of the various belongings in a destination wedding Paris festivity that adds smiles and spice. Yes, having humour in wedding speeches can make the event further cheerful and lively. Therefore, one of the wedding planning tips you must not overlook is to make unforgettable and lively wedding vows.

  • Setting accurate expectations:

One of the most imperative wedding planning tips that you have to remember first even earlier than starting with your planning process is to set accurate expectations of what you need. Occasionally, you possibly will be overcome of what you wish. Most frequently, women want their wedding in Paris to be exclusive and some possibly will even think of never-been-done-before ideas, which in the conclusion, possibly will cause dissatisfactions and prospects not met. Initially, you have to set your mind only to what can be convincingly done and distinct your imaginations into realism.

6 Questions to Ask Your Wedding planner in province France Before Making the Hire

Planning a wedding ceremony is one of the most thrilling times as you get ready to have fun finding the love of your life. Besides setting a budget, fixing a date, and booking a venue, one of your initial moves is going to be focused on finding the exact suitable professional. Some upcoming brides avoid hiring a wedding planner, but we think having a Wedding planner province France walk with you throughout this procedure is important to creating the wedding ceremony of your dreams. As the wedding business grows, you’ll get lots of options for your wedding coordinator, and it possibly will be overwhelming.

While interviewing suggested wedding coordinators, you’ll desire to have a game plan for what questions to ask and areas that are essential to explore. Although you are interviewing to hire someone, you’ll want this meeting to feel like a discussion to become familiar with the wedding professional in front of you. Having a planner whose design vision or personality clashes with your own could produce months of discomfort and irritation, so we hope this checklist will assist you in asking clear-cut questions to realize. All that to say, don’t overlook to be you. Settle down and have fun.

Q: What Exactly Do You Do as a Wedding Planner?

“This may seem like a clear question, but it’s an imperative one to ask because each planner has a different working style and you need to locate the one whose process works fine for you. All planners will be capable to handle the destination weddings in France operations: guiding vendors where to go, being on the phone answering deliveries and questions and scheduling the day. Some planners will moreover design the event that comes to pass with the look for the wedding ceremony, find the accurate partners to bring that vision to life, and assist you to work through budgets and contracts.  Some planners also work as florists or can arrange decorations for you, but that’s not all time the case.

Q: Do I Need to mention the Dress Code on the Invite?

Yes, this is a thoughtful signal for your guests so that they recognize what to wear to the wedding in France. But stay away from puzzling wording such as “dress wonderful” and keep it to more clear terms for example “black tie optional” or “cocktail attire”.

Q: What Do I Need to Know About Venue Contracts?

There can be a lot of fine print in wedding venue contracts,” says Wedding planner province France. Make sure you recognize how much time you have to set up and when you require to be all packed up. Are there any added charges like a coat check, valet parking, or restroom attendants? Are there any elite vendors you must use, and if so what’s their pricing? Moreover, constantly ask if the privilege is anticipated and how much. Occasionally the service charge is not given to the servers as a bonus. This is frequently unnoticed by clients and should be measured in their overall budget.

Q: How Do I Get a Deal?

Almost every bride wants to be smart with her budget, says Wedding planner province France. But it’s imperative that you’re cutting corners the right way. Some possessions are not actually negotiable: foodstuff is foodstuff and employment is employment and those things are a preset cost. So rather than playing hardball with your photographer’s fee, ask if you can get him for six hours as opposed to eight. Or, as an alternative of trying to negotiate down the price of a hundred Wagyu steaks, inquire if there are added budget-friendly menu options available as a replacement. People will be a lot added keen to work with you if you ask genially and try to discover ways to work within both side’s budgets than openly saying: “Hey can you go lower?”

Q: What lengths have you gone to ensure client satisfaction on the wedding day?

This question to inquire about a wedding planner will let the pro you’re interviewing a chance to inform you how he or she will ensure you have a remarkable experience. We take great pride in our ability to go above and beyond for our clients on their wedding day. We know how hard we work to make sure a flawless day, so being asked this question gives us time to talk about it!” Wedding planner province France. If you ask a forthcoming wedding planner what lengths they have gone and you get silence or a long gap, you possibly will want to keep looking at additional options. Particularly if your wedding ceremony has many moving parts and the chance of unexpected circumstances.

Q: Actually, We want to do X, Y or Z. What do you think about it?

With this question to ask a professional wedding planner, sharing a few of your ideas will offer you a chance to get your planner’s opinion and observe if she or he is on-board, in addition to giving your planner a chance to determine whether your styles will engage well. Something that clients don’t understand is that we are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing us in that initial meeting. We are asking them questions to see if they are the correct fit, as well. There have been times when we recognized that we were not a fine fit right away. For instance, if they say they are not going to hire a specialized DJ or florist (while I value the experience and know-how that a pro will bring to your big day), I know we possibly will not be the right fit.

The Wedding Coordinator Interview Checklist:

  • Are you accessible on our wedding date?
  • How lots of other weddings do you have on our fixed date/weekend?
  • How many weddings have you planned before? Can I see your past work? Can I contact some previous brides who worked with you for testimonials?
  • Have you ever worked in the south of France wedding venues you’ve chosen? Or, do you have recommendations for venues in the area? If we’re planning a destination wedding, are you available to travel or coordinate remotely?
  • Do you have a pre-accepted list of vendors we must utilize, or are you happy working with the vendors we have previously chosen?
  • How concerned do you like to be in the design and planning procedure? If I have a mental picture in mind earlier, can you simply put it into practice and ensure the flow of the big day go smoothly? Or, if I don’t have any encouraged ideas of my own, can you help me out with the plan of the entire event from beginning to the conclusion?
  • Can you assist me in executing my vision within my fixed budget? Do you have particular discount arrangements with any venues or vendors that will assist me in getting more hit for my buck?
  • Can you give me a breakdown of all of the fees included in your overall service?
  • What’s the most excellent way to talk with you during the process? Will I converse with an assistant or you? How lots of meetings we will have? What will you be present throughout the planning and day of?
  • What are your possibilities plans for emergencies? What if I’m sick throughout one of our planned tastings or tours? What if you’re sick? What if you can’t get to the wedding reception, do you have skilled assistants ready to take over? What if the wedding is canceled or delayed?
  • May I take a duplicate of your agreement to evaluate at home?
  • What was your wildest wedding mishap, and how did it happen?


Q: Why you should hire a wedding planner?

A wedding planner is a professional consultant who will assist you with most (if not all) of the tasks implicated in planning your wedding ceremony. From accessories, vendors, manners, and even the nominal of details, this expert have the contacts and skills essential to make your day come together effortlessly. Not to mention that hiring a Wedding planner province France will help you out in enjoying the planning process more by taking the stress out of the equation. A wedding planner will assist you to keep a timeline, follow your budget and do the heavy-lifting so you can spend your time at hair and makeup trials or clinking champagne glasses at wedding ceremony showers.

Q: Is it worth hiring a wedding planner?

Anyone who’s hired a wedding planner will inform you they’re worth every single cent. But except you’ve previously been through the procedure, it is hard to realize how supportive a planner can be. It’s not until after the wedding ceremony that you can completely appreciate how a lot of work goes into organizing and running such a significant day. It can factually take hundreds of hours of your time, and if you’re much eventful with work or not the organizing type, a planner will save you money, stress, time, and is worth the monetary investment.

Five Simple French wedding ideas to Organize a Stress-free event

France and Love seem to be the same phrases. A reside in a lavish Parisian hotel, a wedding ceremony in a romantic candlelit winery, the bride, groom, and wedding party dressed in the supreme style of French fashion design, tasting delicious French cuisine, and wedding photos taken underneath the Eiffel Tower are presently some of the many potentials of having a French wedding. Unfortunately, it possibly will not be financially or logistically feasible to plan a wedding where the couple and the entire of their family members and close friends would have to travel from another country.  If you’ve been doing your study as a foreign couple wants getting married in France there are lots of governmental technicalities that come to pass, that most people just can’t be revealed, either because of time, hard work, or wealth involved.

The major is that one of the marrying partners has to be in France for a minimum of 40 days (constantly) earlier than the wedding. So you can’t just catch the plane and get married the subsequent day or even the next week. Making it not possible to simply elope to France. A wedding here takes planning. With the Europeans kicking off in France in a matter of days, it feels like the perfect time to compile a list of Five Simple French wedding ideas to Organize a Stress-free event. Filled with charm and grace, going after the Paris wedding theme is the most outstanding way to put in a touch of class to your big day and integrate all the elegant style that Parisians are well-known for.

  1. The Decorations:

Planners have touched on the flowery facet of your French wedding theme, but there are lots of little decorative touches you can use to beautify that ideal Paris wedding ceremony. Incorporate some of the elements that the Capital of Love is famous for, for example, Eiffel Tower table decorations and your personal choice on the idealistic love locks. Think outside the box with bicycles or put in an assured ‘je ne sais quoi’ via the French language.

  1. The Dress:

A French-style wedding dress generally means an elegant, simple, and bohemian look. Usually, these classy dresses are extended to floor-length, even though a bride seeking somewhat extra modern or a little different could attempt going for somewhat faintly shorter. Designers are well-liked at the moment with Parisian brides.

  1. The Shoes:

Your feet possibly will express thanks to for selecting a French style for your wedding day as it is fairly common for French brides to trench the heels and select for a ballet flat or strappy sandal. Put in a stroke of comfort devoid of sacrificing any style with a couple of a simple lace ballerina style shoe or Christian Louboutin flats.

  1. The Flowers:

Put in a dash of French style and make use of flowers where you be able to! A floral cap is an extremely well-liked boho adding to any brides’ appearance and the bridal bouquet, cake, and table decorations can all be utilized to put in some colors and floral notes to your big day.

  1. The Cake:

Talking of cake, why not leave tradition and integrate a little bit of patisserie magic by selecting a colorful macaron tower or stunning croquembouche as an alternative? Brilliant for distribution and as incredible looking as they are tasting, these unbelievable sweet treats are a grand way to make a declaration!

So there you have it. Follow Our five incredible French wedding tips to ensure your special day is filled with elegance and style.

Golden Rules of Organizing your French Wedding:

While getting married in France, the extensive but exhilarating journey that is organizing a French wedding ceremony generally begins with the venue, part of our Paris wedding planning job is to help out couples to discover the perfect place for their big day.

To get you into the temper, let’s begin with the excellent news. Initially, you are going to save an abundance of time not having to explore and visiting venues to locate your ideal one. You have it! And you have liberated choices of dates.

Secondly, you could be clever to officially get married in your native town or village as you possibly will meet the significant citizenship criteria of living there for 40 successive days earlier than the wedding ceremony. Ensure this with your venue. If this is significant to you, it may as well be likely to have a ceremony (though not lawful) at the local church. Ensure this with the local cleric.

Moreover, relying on the area, for how extensive you have recognized it, and how frequently you are visiting, some tasks may be facilitated: hair and makeup trials, sourcing local suppliers, wedding menu and wine tastings, and your wedding costume fittings. You could be present at a local wedding fair to get additional ideas.

Getting the belongings sorted is key. So overlook for a minute how gorgeous the place is, and gaze at it with a critical and practical eye. If you discover the exercise much challenging, hire professionals to facilitate. For example, you could hire a wedding planner from the initial stage, who would be clever to evaluate what is necessary to convert the family or friend home into an appropriate venue for a wedding ceremony and reception.

Space: Nearly all couples who want to have a French wedding think about an outdoor event: ceremony, drink reception, dinner, and even the evening party. It’s no varied for those who have a French house but is the garden sufficient large to contain contentedly the number of guests you have in mind?


What is the backup plan if the weather is not as fine as anticipated? Can you supervise the entire of the events of the day to take place within? To guess the required space, here some guidelines: allocate about 0.70 m2 per guest or a cocktail reception, extra if you plan to have buffet tables or food stations about 1.8 m2 per guest for a seated dinner and 0.3 m2 for the dance floor with extra space for the DJ to set up or a live band to play.

Comfort: Attending guest’s major requirements is essential. We have already covered the emergency plan for French wedding venues in case of terrible weather; the additional must-have is toilet services. Can they make use of the indoor loos? Are there sufficient of them for the number of visitors? If the answer is yes, then you require to check the rank of the sceptic tank. It could sound unimportant but this will put off any tragedy on the day, particularly if the house is situated in the countryside. If such opinions do not appeal to you or if indoor loos are not an alternative, you will require to hire transportable bathrooms. They don’t have to be the terrible plastic cubicles and ruin your gorgeous settings; there are added satisfying choices nowadays.

A confidential property, particularly in the countryside, is typically not as well signed as a venue and your visitors and suppliers (catering staff, delivery men, etc.) possibly will require additional assistance to locate your place. A GPS position is frequently extra trustworthy than an address. Follow the pointed way to check it is accurate and realistic; emphasize any hesitant spot with balloons or signatures.


Q: How to have a French wedding ceremony?

To get married in the eyes of the French government, you can’t just get married in a church or private ceremony. You have to get married at the city hall of the town or district in which you live. There is no fast and hard law as to when couples do the city hall portion of their wedding ceremony. It’s almost for all time earlier than the church or ceremony part, but sometimes it’s a year before, a month earlier than or just hours before. If the same day, there will be a break and lunch earlier than after that part of the wedding ceremony.

Q: Where to plan a wedding in France?

France offers wonderful beaches, landscapes, castles, lavender fields, historical shrines, and lots more. All types of couples with diverse interests may find an appropriate place to get married in this gorgeous country. A destination wedding in France is an idealistic option for lots of couples who take off with their wedding guests from all around the world to get married. France is the most-visited country in the world for added than last twenty years. Fine, if you have not decided on where to get married yet, amazing wedding planners from France recommend the five best regions in France to say “I do”.  Paris (Dream Paris wedding is the best option), Bordeaux and Southwestern Region of France, Loire Valley, Lyon, and the Beaujolais Area and Provence and Southern Region of France.

If you are planning to get married in France and facing issues, you can freely contact us for assistance anytime.

Some Important Things to Follow while planning Wedding in France

In France, the options for lovely places to get married are unlimited. Any kind of wedding plans you have in mind can happen there. France is the best place to get married. You will locate castles, rural farms, unbelievable white sandy beaches, and fields of lavender and olives trees. There are wonderful cities with architectural treasures and real small villages where the villagers display their pure sense of warmth. And let’s not forget the ski resort, this is the land for every wedding possibilities. Most importantly a lot of couples opt to have their dream Paris wedding.

If you are thinking about having a wedding in France, this guide enlightens the official procedure and progressions for having a French wedding. If you’re by now imagining getting married in France in a church or a French vineyard, you’ll have to be prepared earlier for the inevitable paperwork of a French wedding ceremony. While thinking about your wedding in France, you will get to know that you are more tending to consider fancy details (colors, dress, flowers, etc.) than planning and logistics, however, you will need to focus mainly on the organizational facets to make it happen perfectly.

The excellent news is that the planning schedule will be just like planning a wedding in your own country, although some things should be measured as early as possible. It can as well be tricky to get legally married in France if you don’t belong to the country, so it’s important to test out the requirements for having a French wedding. This is necessary but it does not need to be complex and before giving yet a comprehensive timeline, I would like to focus on Some Important Things to Follow while planning Wedding in France:

Getting married in France

Getting legally married in France is only possible through a civil ceremony which comes to pass at the council offices. The couple can then go after this with a religious ceremony, a secular service, or whatever celebration they prefer, at a destination of their choice. If you’re having a French wedding, some churches will let your English-speaking priest provide the service. Symbolic ceremonies like blessings or Humanist weddings are well-liked alternatives to religious ceremonies. These can be performed at the venue of your choice.

How Can I legally get married in France?

A lot of people ask that question that Can I legally get married in France? So, the answer is that the wedding in France must come to pass between two accepting people who are at least 18 years old. If you’re traveling to France to have a secular or religious ceremony, you must previously be got married in your home country. Civil ceremonies executed in France are legally binding and globally recognized.

If you are marrying a French citizen in France and planning to stay and live there, submit an application for the ‘long-stay visitor’ documents/visa. Later than the wedding ceremony, the local municipality will transform your visa into a residency card as the spouse of French citizens.


What do you need to get married in France?

Obligatory documentation and paperwork

Be expecting to get the following documents prepared for your marriage application:

  • A passport for both parties
  • Affidavit of law, expressing that you’re liberated to marry and your marriage will be documented in your home country.
  • Divorce declaration, if you were married earlier and divorced.
  • Evidence of residency in France for as a minimum 30 days earlier to the application, for as a minimum one of the parties.
  • Original birth certificate for both parties.
  • Certificate of celibacy, mentioning that you’re not previously married.
  • Prenuptial agreement, with an attorney’s certificate, if you plan to have one.

Pre-wedding preparations:

The civil ceremony at the must be in a community that you or your upcoming partner is linked to where one or both of you live, or where one of your parents live. Locate the address and extra particulars of your venue and vendors online. Most wedding offices are so undersized that they simply have one receptionist (and lots of have idiosyncratic opening hours as a result) so simply saying you want to get married is sufficient to begin procedures. In bigger towns, you can inquire for the office of marriages even though this possibly will cause a little bit of uncertainty if they don’t have a detached department.

You have to apply together to the office under consideration and show that you both are willing to get married. This possibly will comprise an interview confronting each other, in any way, separately or together. The officials will then issue the bans for a fixed period. This is a procedure where your intention to marry is publically declared, to let anyone familiar with a legal impediment (e.g. an existing marriage). This procedure normally takes a minimum of four weeks, longer if one or together of you are not French. You may have a restricted choice as to which day you can tie the knot. Be prepared to be supple. You must be over 18 and not previously married to get married.

The Main Procedure:

You should contact the minister/priest of the town where you’ll get married for full information on the application process. Generally, the marriage application must be made and received by the local minister/priest at least ten days earlier than the wedding date. Original foreign documents may have to be translated into French and be validated with an official stamp. If your marriage application is completed successfully, your civil marriage ceremony must occur at the minister’s office no less than ten days and no more than one year later than you get approval to tie the knot.

Later than your wedding ceremony, you’ll be given an official book that will have your wedding in south France documented in it. French people frequently use these books to prove other family events afterward, for example, births and deaths. Concern to the office of the area where your ceremony took place to get your official wedding certificate.

Ideas from Paris wedding planner France:

There are a few things to consider when planning a destination wedding in France, so we are letting you know some of the major planning steps.

  • Location:

France is a large state, in fact, it offers almost 250,000 square miles of land to travel around. Many couples planning a destination wedding in France. The stunning countryside of Provence and Dordogne is a hot spot for wedding ceremonies, and rightly so. Not only will you get pleasure from the beautiful warm weather here, but you’ll also find postcard rolling countryside, charming towns, and villages and attractively preserved chateaus. The most famous place for loving couples to get married in Paris. Choose your dream Paris wedding and take pleasure from the beautiful environment there.

  • Choose your venue:

When you tell family and friends you’re planning a destination wedding in France, their first thought will often be that you’ll choose a Chateau wedding venue. There are lots of stunning venues available for weddings in France. So, if you’re dreaming of opulent ballrooms and fairy-tale towers, you’re sure to find the best one.

  • Consider your ceremony:

Nearly every one of outsider couples choosing to tie the knot in France complete their legal ceremony earlier in their home country. This takes lots of the anxiety out of planning a destination wedding in France. You won’t have to be anxious about French marriage laws or have all your paperwork translated.

But there are additional benefits to this than simply practical ones. Your France wedding ceremony will be a blessing or a symbolic ceremony. This offers you free rein to modify it as a lot as you like. Wherever could be the location for your ceremony and anyone could plan it, counting family members and close friends.

  • Source your suppliers:

Choosing a destination wedding in France normally means you’ll work with neighboring, French suppliers. If you’re not self-assured with the language, a wedding planner is necessary to communicate between you and vendors and make sure not anything gets lost in the conversion.

  • Plan a mouth-watering menu:

France has a brilliant reputation worldwide for its outstanding foodstuff and drinks, so why not make the most of it at your wedding ceremony? You could select a Champagne or local sparkling wine for your indulge or toasts in a French-inspired banquet, comprising dishes like crème Brulee or beef bourguignon. In France, the traditional wedding cake is a mouth-watering tower of profiteroles. It’s called a croquembouche and makes a grand choice for a wedding ceremony cake that can double up as wedding food.

  • Throw an epic party:

Your wedding in France is a celebration of your affection, commitment, and future. Let the celebrating part play a big role when planning your destination wedding in France. You could hire auditory musicians to create an astonishing atmosphere throughout your ceremony or reception, or reserve a musical band to have you dancing all whole night. If you’re making a weekend of it, select a venue prepared for barbecues, pool parties, or spa days.

We hope you have learned a lot from this guide from wedding planner France. We always answer your questions and we got a query that When should I start planning the wedding? what are your thoughts on it? We can add your advice to our next post.